• Built for small days when ripples are simply the only thing on the shore, or sitting wide and as far out as you can on the biggest day of the year, the Dylan has you covered! 

    Its fast outline, large keel twins and beaked nose all pay homage to the rest of the MOTE family only in the larger size. Starting at 9’0” the Dylan holds the foam and paddle power you expect in a longboard with the added bonus of the twin option as well as a round tail or small diamond. With its overall flatter rocker paddling into big or small waves can be achieved with ease. Its built-in tail rocker gives it the ability to get around sections and hunt for the wave face.

    Dylan Twin

    • Pricing 

      • $2600 (9'0" - 10'0")


      • Round Tail 
      • Diamon Tail
    • Morning Of The Earth Surfboards X needessentials 

      Large Keels

      *all orders include a set of our signature fins