• The Little Wing is a lively and sprightly feeling surfboard. Its low entry rocker and even foam distribution allows it to gracefully fall into waves and have you up and gliding early. Ridden with small keels, the board has plenty of get up and go when pushed, whilst still feeling tight and pockety off the top. The little wing is characterized by its wing/flier ⅓ up from the tail which draws the tail area in allowing the surfer to wrap tight turns in smaller surf. The Little Wing can be ridden very short from 5’4” right up to 8’0” giving it a large playing field when it comes to wave types and styles of surfing. If you are looking for a light cruisey mid length that will glide on the micro days we recommend the larger of the Little Wings. However if you are looking for a high performance, rippable twinfin for small fast days or larger days at hollow points, the smaller size breaks of the Little Wing will feel right at home.

    Little Wing

    • Pricing 

      •  $1220 (6'3" and under)
      • $1420 (6'4" - 7'2")
      • $1570 (7'3" - 8'0")

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