• The classic Keel, everyone has either ridden, seen or held one before! 

    First originating in San Diego CA in the mid-late 60’ surfer and designer Steve Lis brought kneeboard design of short wide and volume full boards to the mainstream in a fun board for small rampy waves.

    Much like its name suggests the keel is a parallel, cruisey keel fin twin for long points or beach breaks. The keel has even foam throughout giving the board a much larger feel then they often are. The swallow tail when on rail holds the board on the face as each swallow acts as a pin when going through turns. This angle allows the board to feel holdy and allows projection when getting around sections or laying down turns on the face.


    • Pricing 

      •  $1250 (6'3" and under) 
      • $1450 (6'4" - 7'2" )
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      Large Keels

      *all orders include a set of our signature fins