• The 2 Track is very closely related to the “Tracks Twinny” with its low nose entry rocker and overall foil and outline of the board.

    The 2 Track is characterized by a "Beaked" nose which maximizes an even distribution of foam throughout the board, creating a large sweet spot to surf the board from. It has a narrower nose when compared to the Tracks Twinny. And its swallow tail has been pulled in giving it the ability to surf this board in critical or slabby waves. The board still retains the ability to be fun in everyday waves but likes being pushed and will hold its own in solid surf thanks to four deep channels in the tail area providing plenty of hold and drive. 

    The 2 Track is best when ridden at or around your height and should feel intuitive to high performance shortboard surfers.

    2 Track

    • Pricing 

      •  $1450 (6'3" and under)
      • $1550 (6'4" - 6'6")

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