Michael Peterson

Some years ago I was fortunate enough to be asked to do MP's range of boards.

It was of course a huge honour and I am grateful for the times I spent with him working on this project.

I can't say I knew MP but I can say that I knew Michael. A smart, gentle guy who loved his mum.

He had a great sense of humour and a sharp memory for detail. He never really left surfing. It ran through his veins and was always up to speed on what was going on in the surfing landscape.

His ability to recall the details of a board, the dimensions, the feel of a rail, where an edge should be gave shape to the boards we worked on.

Among his favourites were the MOTE Model, Kirra Special and the Stubbies Model. We added along the way the D'Bar and worked with the famous Fang Tail or PA Bendal board among others.

Times change like all things and I no longer work on these boards. It was a great privilege to spend time with Michael and after his passing his dedicated mum Joan.

I'm eternally grateful for this experience - Simon Jones.