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With Love..............

For the golden corn and the apples on the tree, For the milk 'n' butter and the honey from the bees, For the fruits and nuts and berries MP found along the way. We thank Mother Earth for this, and everyone of Michael's waves.

..............and like our kids said "Michael will always RIP!" xxx

Whatever it takes!!!!

This Wednesday .........the 13th usual is the board giveaway at Woody's Surf Shack in good old Byron town.........this weeks board is all time, one of MP's Flyer Swallows. So if your south of the equator its my tip to be there. Its an amazing shape that I will post photos of soon........straight out of Michael's memory vault and some recent conversations we've had on special boards.

Bit of Quad work

The idea here is to have the rail line of a longer board...... really short boards are great, but running on a longer rail feels amazing.......this is going to be fun seeing where this goes.

Patagone to Columbus meant

They've been open a while now......just before Christmas. They've got it all and some more.......I love my pulling on a favourite jumper, all wooly and snug. The same site as Heritage Surf occupied Darley rd Manly. Were working on the range of boards there. Some of the Michael Peterson's have already gone.....I'm onto replacing them next week....and some other under the sail boat label.

The journey of 3 single fins begins

Theres something about old photos like this......moments lost to time.......its labeled "Sydney Uni Boardriders 71'. The elders and their craft. Three new single fins just about to go out the door on some adventures of their own.

Morning of the Earth at the Opera House

Here comes the shows.......I saw a couple of these about 2 years ago and they were great fun......and while I'm at it heres the main man......MP.......and a Kirra Special I liked the look of.

Angus ruling at the Pass

Evan and his Vouch thing is so unreal.......Its great to work with young guys and get into there head space a little. I've done a few of these for them......I feel honoured

Ruben, a surfing scientist?!#$%

He was pretty blown out by all accounts.......wake up on your birthday and BAM!!!!!! your mates have rigged up a new Log.

Woody's Byron Bay Michael Peterson giveaway

Its a classic little bar and hang out in the middle of Byron town with images from the likes of Rusty Miller and Dick Hoole adorning the walls....old boards in the ceiling.....and they are doing up the back room for surf flicks....bands....and all the other stuff.....We teamed up recently and donated a Michael Peterson replica board to a charity called, Aus for Orphans, which they sold at auction.....thats not where it ends though.....EVERY Wednesday night cruise on in buy a drink.....hang on to your ticket.....and at the end of the night the bar manager pulls your number out of a hat......reaches up above the bar and pulls down a brand spanking new Morning of the Earth Surfboard and hands it to you. After a victory crowd surf you get your new stick and go home in anticipation of the early morning session on you new shooter.......Woody's in the arcade next to that multi national food retailer.

The fine art of Shane meets Stoneman

As always these murals look amazing, and this latest is off to the Stoneman underwear shop,so pull in for a check and grab the finest in comfort while your there. You'll never freeball again. And!!!!!these boards are to be ridden they are'nt just wall hangers because of the mural....the truth is you can hide a ding repair in a mural easier than on a clear board, so treat yourself or someone else this Christmas with a mural of your local looking pristine....not a drop out of place.