The Headland

The Headland came from the need to have the "Mote Board" transfer up in length to mid length. So the "Headland" become the big brother of the "Mote Board". In the first photo on the left is the Mote Board and you can see how the curve is closely related to the Headland on the right. Neil Cain penned it this way;

Hi Simon,
Just a note to give you feedback on my new board.
It is brilliant, you have really struck gold with this design.
The single fin set up gives a noticeable smoothness to turns (as opposed to hectic in the pocket thruster surfing), the harder rails on the nose prevents any nose catch and it has great balance and flow.
Whilst I was intending to use this board mainly for small to medium waves and for linking up sections, I have surfed it in bigger more powerful waves which it handles really well.

Great work!