About Us

Simon Jones

At 15 years of age, Simon stripped the glass off an old Hot Buttered Single Fin (sacrilege by today's standards) and shaped a Stinger Swallow Tail 5'6". From about this age has been involved in surfing and surfboard manufacturing in various forms.

From the surfboard factories around Brookvale, NSW in the early 80's (notably, as Single Fins were being replaced by Thrusters), Simon moved to the Far North Coast, NSW in the 1990's and is still working with the folk at North Coast Surfboards, reknown for their work on Bear Surfboards, Donald Takayama's Hawaiian Pro Designs, Gerry Lopez, McCoy, Brewer and Quiksilver.

It was at this factory working with Paul Hutchinson that Simon would talk about the boards of the 70's era. Often discussed were the boards Paul shaped that were ridden in the Uluwatu sessions (Morning of the Earth) and the times he shared with Albe Falzon filming in Bali.

Reflecting on all this, an idea was dreamt up.

The movie conjures up feelings Simon wishes to evoke in a surfboard label: to recreate designs of the past that still have merit and purpose and to build them in such a way that they were durable, beautiful and above all functional. That is, boards that transcend the every day to achieve the pure essence of freedom that the movie wonderfully captures.

After consulting Albe on the idea, Morning of the Earth Surfboards was born.

In the lush hinterland of northern NSW, Australia, Simon crafts the beautifully built Morning of the Earth surfboards. Keeping real to the spirit of Morning of the Earth, Simon's boards are of lasting value.

Simon cites his influences as being George Greenough, Peter Crawford, Albe Falzon, Paul Hutchinson, Greg Clough, Craig McDonald, Donald Takayama, Geoff McCoy, Brian Ingham, Mikey (MC) Cundith and Neil Young for his continually unfolding tunes!

Simon graciously thanks Albe Falzon for a movie that enters one's mind like the smell of the ocean and for his friendly trust.