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In 1985 my then-girlfriend now-wife Bessie gave me a copy of the "Morning of the Earth” album for my 21st birthday. For months we listened to the record until one day I got my hands on a VHS copy of the film! 

It was such a pivotal moment in my life, to be given that and have the opportunity to discover the movie at that time. 

The essence of surfing and what it meant to be a surfer was captured so perfectly in Morning Of The Earth. 

At a time when the surf industry was moving much of its manufacturing offshore to Asia where workers were being paid slave wages to produce inferior products, I knew something had to change. 

I remember thinking “Morning of the Earth Surfboards", what a classic surfboard label to keep the spirit of what surfing really is alive! 

I found Albe’s number from the local phone book and pitched him the idea of the surfboard label, after a cup of tea and banana bread on Albe’s back deck the deal was sealed with a handshake and Albe’s generosity and humbled approval.

Morning of the Earth Surfboards is now 25 years and the film itself is 50! 

For us, the important thing about building surfboards is to create an experience for our customers and keep the true essence of surfing Alive. 

Simon Jones



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